Just Be Intentional

A Letter To Small Business Owners

Digital Marketing Complexities Require Intentional Thought

You aren't dreaming, digital marketing is more expensive and complex, it's a fact.

Digital marketing complexities require expertise for small business owners and their marketing decision makers.

To be competitive as a small business, you must be efficient.  Over the past 5-10 years, digital marketing has become increasingly complex.  One would think with all the automation tools, artificial intelligence, and updates to advertising and marketing platforms the opposite would be true.

What is going on?

Just Be Intentional

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Phil Taul
Owner - The Web Guys

Consumers have become savvier on the web.

The sheer number of ad platforms has increased, and each is unique.

Companies that sell ads decided that complex and confusing ad systems equal higher profits.
Digital marketing agencies/consultants aren't fighting for your brand.
Small business owners and their marketing decision makers don't realize the real cost of being inefficient reaching their "true" target audience with relevant messages online.